Could Aliens Be Smarter and Older Than Us

Meet Professor Jane Greaves

Let’s talk about what Professor Jane Greaves from Cardiff University is thinking. She believes there might be planets far away that had a big head start on life compared to Earth.

Really, Really Old Stars

She’s talking about stars named HD 76932 and HD 201891. These stars are much older than our sun—like, 8 billion years older! That’s a lot. Professor Greaves thinks these stars might have planets that are way older than Earth.

Looking for Clues in Space

Professor Greaves has a cool idea. She thinks if we can find certain things in space, like thorium and potassium, it could mean there are planets with land and continents like ours. And these planets might be much older than Earth.

Life on Land: The Story of Continents

Dancing Rocks and Moving Land

Let’s talk about how continents on Earth formed. It’s like a dance of big rocks on our planet. Professor Greaves says this dance is thanks to heat from radioactive stuff inside Earth. This heat makes the rocks move around and create our continents.

What If Aliens Look Like Us?

Now, let’s imagine aliens on these old planets. Some smart people think if there are advanced aliens, they might look a bit like us. Maybe not exactly, but sort of. They could have bodies, heads, and maybe even limbs.

 “Guessing How Aliens Evolve”

“How Do Aliens Get Smart?”

Scientists guess that if there are clever aliens, they got that way through something called “natural selection.” It’s like a big game of survival, and the smartest ones survive and get even smarter.

“Why Haven’t Aliens Said He=


Now, here’s a big question. If there are super-smart aliens, why haven’t they come to say hi? Some experts think maybe they’re being careful. If they’re so smart, maybe they’re worried about us.

“Dreaming of Meeting Aliens”


Imagine this: having tea with an alien! Some people dream about that. But right now, it’s just a dream. We’re still learning about the stars and planets. Maybe, one day, we’ll meet our alien neighbors.

Conclusion: “Exploring Space is Like a Big Adventure”

Thinking about aliens and space is like going on a big adventure. Professor Greaves and other scientists are like space detectives, trying to solve the mystery of life beyond Earth. It’s exciting and makes us wonder what’s out there.