Trouble in Paradise: How Windmills Are Affecting Our Ocean Friends in New Jersey

New Jersey’s stunning ocean views are at the center of a big change – hundreds of wind turbines are on the way to give us ‘clean energy.’ But, there’s a problem. People, including comedians like Jim Breuer, are worried that these turbines might be causing harm to our underwater friends.

Reports say that the loud sound used to find spots for the turbines might be hurting whales and dolphins. In just a year, about 16 whales have died, and many more have been found stranded or washed up on the shore. This caught the attention of Jim Breuer, who thinks it all boils down to greed and money.

In a documentary called ‘Big Wind & The Incidental Take,’ Jim Breuer dives into the link between these wind farms and the harm coming to marine life. People like Trisha DeVoe, who studies and protects whales, say there’s been a big increase in whales getting stuck. She’s asking for a pause on these wind projects until we know more about how they might be hurting our ocean buddies.

New Jersey’s got big plans for clean energy, but some locals like Mike Dean are questioning if it’s worth it. He wonders if the windmills really help the environment and thinks the people in charge aren’t looking at the big picture. The worry is that more and more projects are happening without thinking about how they all add up.

Two big companies, Orsted and Atlantic Shores, want to put windmills off our coast. People are concerned about how this might hurt tourism and local businesses. Cape May County, with its beautiful beaches, might lose a lot of money if tourists decide not to come because of the windmills.

It’s not just about clean energy; it’s about finding a balance between helping the planet and taking care of the animals that call our oceans home. As the debate continues, the people of New Jersey are hoping for a solution that keeps both our environment and our economy in good shape.