Google’s Secret Deals: What’s Really Going On?

 Google and Epic Games – What’s the Fuss?

The big companies are in a fight! Epic Games is mad at Google for how much it charges on its app store. Now, people are wondering if Google is playing fair.

 Spotify’s Cheap Deal

Guess what? Spotify got a special deal with Google. Instead of paying the usual big fee, Spotify only paid 4% to Google when people used its app on the Play Store. That’s way less than what other companies pay! Why? Because Spotify let people pay with its own method, not Google’s.

 Google’s Special Friends

Google has some friends it likes more. These are the “key investment partnerships.” Google says these friends help make things better for users. But, we don’t know who these friends are, and that’s making people curious.

Netflix and Epic Games Say “No”

Google also tried to make deals with Netflix and Epic Games. Netflix said no to a special rate, and Epic Games said no to a lot of money! They didn’t want to follow Google’s rules, so Fortnite had to find a different way to get on your phone.

 Google’s Secrets Coming Out

The trial is like a big show, revealing Google’s secrets. Even though Google wants to keep things quiet, the trial is making it tell us more. There might be more surprises coming!

Conclusion: Google’s Game of Secrets

The trial is still going, and we don’t know what will happen. But, now we know Google had some secret deals. This could change how Google and other big companies do business. Let’s wait and see!