Kim Kardashian’s Shiny Bathing Suits – Wow!


 Kim’s Amazing Swimwear Show

Guess what? Kim Kardashian, who’s super famous and rich, showed off her cool bathing suits last summer. She loves her SKIMS Swim collection, and we got to see it on Instagram!


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 Retro Vibes and Cute Dogs

In the pictures, Kim looked like she was from the past, maybe the ’70s. She had a shiny silver bathing suit and posed with some poodles. It was like a time machine to a fancy pool party!


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SKIMS Swim Stole the Show

Kim lost some weight (21 pounds!), and she was proud to show it. Her silver bikini and matching skirt made her look super cool. She even had a funny old phone in one hand – so retro!

 Big Hair and More Shiny Stuff

Kim’s hair was big and blonde, like a movie star from the past. She wore big earrings and bracelets, and her makeup was bright blue! In another picture, she sat by the pool in a silver bikini with stringy bottoms. So much shiny stuff!

More Shiny Bikinis

Kim said her new SKIMS Metallic Swim collection was coming soon. She teased us with pictures of her in different shiny bikinis – gold, silver, you name it!

Kim’s Famous Clothes Brand

Kim started SKIMS in 2019, and now it’s super famous too. At first, it was about shapewear, but now it’s everything. Kim wanted everyone to have cool options for dressing up, no matter their size or style.

Closing Thoughts: Kim’s Family Loves Swimwear Too

Guess what? Kim’s family is into swimsuits too! Her sister Khloe Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner also sell swimsuits. It’s like a family business!