Shocking Case: Man on 15-Year Sick Leave Sues for Pay Raise! You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!”

Man on 15-Year Sick Leave Sues for Pay Raise – A Unique Legal Battle Unveiled

Guy on sick leave for 15 years

We all know future is uncertain and there is a bizarre legal case that has left many scratching their heads, a man who had been on sick leave from his job for 15 years attempted to sue his employer for a pay raise. Ian Clifford’s story, involving a battle with IBM, takes an intriguing twist, leaving us with valuable insights into the complexities of employment law and disability discrimination. Let’s delve into the details.

Ibm sick leave 15 years

Ian Clifford how lives in uk has taken leave from 2008 he was devoted for his job and suddenly he has some mental health issues so he took sick leave for his mental health reasons. His situation worsened when he was diagnosed with stage-four leukemia in 2013. Clifford, aged 50 at the time, raised a grievance with IBM, claiming he had not received a salary increase during his prolonged absence.

Ibm hike pay

IBM has a 5-point rating system for performance evaluation. Employees who receive a rating of 4 or higher are eligible for a salary hike of 5-12%. Employees who receive a rating of less than 4 are eligible for a smaller salary hike, or no hike at all.

The Surprising Compromise Agreement Between Ian clifford and IBM

The surprising turn of events came in April 2013 when Clifford reached a “compromise agreement” with IBM. This agreement placed him on the company’s sickness-and-accident plan, ensuring he would receive 75 percent of his salary until retirement or the end of his participation in the plan.

Under this arrangement, Clifford would receive £54,028 annually from his original salary of £72,037. Astonishingly, this deal meant that he could potentially pocket over £1.5 million from IBM, despite not having worked for the company since 2008. In 2013, he also received £8,685 to settle his holiday pay grievances and agreed not to raise further complaints on the same matter.

The Legal Battle Heats Up between IBM and Ian Clifford

Fast forward to February 2022, and Clifford decided to take IBM to an employment tribunal. He claimed disability discrimination due to the lack of a pay raise since joining the plan in 2013. Clifford argued that inflation was eroding the value of his income, making it a case of unfavorable treatment.He has to run his family as has a son who is off to university

The Tribunal Verdict in IBM and Ian Clifford case

However, the employment tribunal in Reading, Berkshire, delivered a surprising verdict. The judge noted that Clifford had already received a significant benefit and favorable treatment through the company’s plan. The plan was designed to provide security to employees unable to work, and the absence of a salary increase did not constitute disability discrimination. In fact, it provided more favorable treatment to disabled employees.

What happened to Ian Clifford?

Ian Clifford was having Stage-four leukemia is the most advanced stage of the disease. It is characterized by a high number of abnormal white blood cells in the blood and bone marrow, as well as low levels of normal blood cells, such as red blood cells and platelets. People with stage-four leukemia may also have enlarged lymph nodes, liver, and spleen.

ian clifford’s is from which country ?

I an clifford was from Uk

Who was the man who was sick for 15 years?

I an clifford was the man who was sick for 15 years


Ian Clifford’s extraordinary legal journey with IBM sheds light on the intricacies of employment law, especially when it comes to disability discrimination claims. This unique case highlights the importance of understanding the terms and benefits associated with employment-related agreements. In a world filled with unexpected twists, Clifford’s story is a testament to the complexities that can arise in the realm of employment law.