South Korean pop star CL caused a stir by revealing she drinks vampire juice


This week we are taking you into the Kingdom of K-Pop where the latest move has put the fans in a state of confusion and, perhaps, a little nauseous (just a little!). Well, I could be talking about CL or any other member of the highly admired girl band of 2NE1, especially when she confirmed having something which may sound odd drink she’d call ‘Vampire Juice’.

Now don’t be disappointed by any complex appearance; just for you, we’ll sort out what is really happening and discover vampire juice on the Web, from its presumed advantages and potential concerns surrounding this peculiar drink.

 Thus, WIth What the ‘Vampire Juice’ Is.

CL was referring to vampire juice, a mix of hers or red wine and few drops of her own blood. And yes it’s true: you have just read it. Internet has been home to both positive and negative comments. Following her lighthearted remark, she became a fan favorite overnight. Even though it’s implicative to note that the exact proportions and reasons behind this drink remain unknown, however, the fact it gave rise to sensationalism on the K-Pop fandom is crystal clear.

Blood and Wine: The Historical (And Questions about) Mix 🩸

The idea of the imbibing of both blood and wine is no longer new. Some cultures in past have created blood portrayals in their religious ceremonies or they thought that it is the cure to some dangerous diseases. Another strange practice in Vampire culture involves consuming blood; while there is no real science-based evidence linking health benefits with self-consumption, we cannot label this a health-conscious act.

As a demonstration, medical experts say don’t eat blood. It may have some risks that could arise in the course of infections, and those are of diseases and blood borne illnesses.

Do a thorough screening of the brand’s mix of products

With vampire juice being the oddball of detox techniques in the scenario, a few folks speculate that it is a regular routine instead. Nevertheless, no truth can be demonstrated as to whether blood supposed to detoxify the body or not. However, rightly so, these body organs, liver, and kidneys work hard to cleanse the body of the toxins already present.

So, if some celebrities do somehow promote celebrityantics or other unconventional detox fads, it’s better to follow the scientific methods instead for staying in good health.

who is cl

CL: Whether it be the K-Pop Queen with a rebellious edge or a singer with cross-over appeal, I seek and write tunes that emanate musical diversity.
For someone who wasn’t very familiar with cryptocurrency, I’ll try to give you a quick overview. CL, who is the stage name of Lee Chae-lin (one of South Korea’s rappers, singers, songwriters, and record producers) is a well-known person. She emerged as a prime label that was given to a girl group, one of its members being famous for its heavy vocals, fierce rapping and evolving style and taste in fashion.Subsequently, the group members decided to disband in 2016. The development only gave CL greater prominence in the K-Pop industry as she dared to start her solo career and became very successful. A bold personality along with a strong stage presence and a knack for expansion are all individualist’s trademarks.

This isn’t the first time she veered into the unlawful. Her songs tend to deal with empowerment of the vulnerable female being, and explorations of personal identity, which may not be appreciated in establishments with expectations of K-Pop to abide by more conservative standards. Yet this slightly dissolute nature is the attribute which encourages the teenagers and elevates her to the position of an idol for many.

 Vampire Juice: Whether it’s an Advertising Campaign or an Actual Opinion

The question remains: Did Cleopatra reveal that vampire juice was the new beverage on the market or did she just wanted to confuse the old food diet she was already accustomed to with her new extreme lifestyle?We simply don’t know.However, CL doesn’t explain what makes this mixture so unique or the exact purpose of it. I could finally figure it out whether it was street performance art, her cutting-edge persona, or just a kind of joke.

Maybe it just because I myself favor that sort of amusement over any else which is rather tidy, as a matter of fact.

Real vs. Fake When it Comes to Vampire Juice

Feature Real Vampire Juice Safe Alternatives
Ingredients Blood & Red Wine Red Wine (moderation), Fruits, Vegetables, Water
Health Benefits No Proven Benefits, Potential Risks Potential antioxidant benefits (red wine in moderation), Detox benefits (fruits/vegetables/water)
Safety Not Recommended Safe



Q: Vampire juice holds numerous benefits, which you should know.

A: Unfortunately, science apparently has no proof for the benefits of drinking blood and red wine, which were believed to be the preferred drink of vampires. Firstly, it is risky as the people going to be infected during this time.

Q: Is the vampire juice saga about a new drink wave?

A: Thankfully, no. Another thing I could notice is that it is impossible to know what vampire juice really is and if it is even something real. All it is is CL’s trademark recipe.

Q: Talking about other risk-free and healthy options we have like blood food is a good idea too.

A: There are numerous health benefits associated with red wine intake. Therefore, just drink red wine in moderation if you are looking for them. Similarly, there are many natural detox options that include foodwe all know how to here is the link you can click and read more

Q: Which members are in 2NE1’s line-up?

A: CL (the leader) was of 2NE1, however, the band split up in 2016.

The Reaction: From disbelief, to concern, and beyond.
The Instagram picture including C.L drinking the vampire juice was posted once again and created another buzz. The audience covered a wide range of emotions of confused, worried, and even giggling. TOPIC: Social Media’s Impact on Artistic Expression and Consumption Here’s a breakdown of some of the reactions:Here’s a breakdown of some of the reactions:Shock and Concern: During this time the fans had expressed concern when CL’s health condition was put in spot light and asked him to take care of his health and be safe while this can be hazardous.

Confusion: For some, it was just a weird thing that was confusing: they either thought it was a joke or a dietary thing (a serious choice).

Support (with Reservations): Some of the fans are defending CL’s right to make her own decisions, and yet cautioning journalist not to pass judgment on health impacts of vampire juice.

Memes and Jokes: Without any doubt, the internet won’t look like the internet without memes and humour. A lot of them joked about the only interest being the so-called vampire juice, thus, alleviating the perfect mood.


The star’s ill-advised depiction of ‘vampire juice’ may have been the trending topic of the day, but behind the scenes, let’s hope it also led to an in-depth debate over moral credibility, due diligence and above all, the need to protect our health.

While no doubt CL is talented and influential, it is important to humanize even celebrities – even the coolest of them out there can sometimes be a little offside.

Hence, don’t rush to belief the next headline about a celebrity’s weird personality. Take processing, sensible piece of advice, and do not obey any of their atypical habits.