Birds Make a Spectacular Comeback! Get Ready to be Amazed!


Imagine a world where our feathered friends, the birds of prey, are making a stunning comeback. The latest report from the Rare Breeding Birds Panel (RBBP) brings heartwarming news about four remarkable bird species that were once on the brink of extinction due to centuries of challenges they faced.


The Heroic Osprey

Let’s start with the incredible osprey, often called the fish hawk. These majestic birds have faced countless struggles, but their story is one of resilience and triumph. It all began in Scotland, and in 1996, they were reintroduced to central England. Today, ospreys are a common sight in the East Midlands, the Dorset coast, and Rutland Water.

In 2021, the RBBP received reports of 281 osprey pairs, with at least 232 of them successfully raising their young. This is a far cry from the early days when only ten breeding pairs were known, all in northern Scotland. Today, they have expanded their territory, reaching northern England and even Wales.

some 281 pairs of osprey were reported to the panel in 2021, of which at least 232 laid eggs

More Than Ospreys

The success stories don’t end with the osprey. The marsh harrier, goshawk, and white-tailed eagle are also spreading their wings and reaching new heights. Their populations are thriving, and their resurgence is a reason to celebrate.

The Bright Side for Other Birds

The RBBP report also brings good news for other birds. In 2021, it was a positive year for rare breeding herons, including the graceful great white egret and the charming cattle egret. These birds are making a comeback and adding to the beauty of our natural world.

Challenges for Montagu’s Harrier

However, not all bird species are faring as well. The Montagu’s harrier faced some challenges in 2021. Only one male bird made efforts to attract a mate, and sadly, no females were recorded. This reminds us of the importance of ongoing conservation efforts to protect these magnificent raptors.

Dr. Mark Eaton, the secretary of the RBBP, emphasizes the vital role their work has played for half a century. The Rare Breeding Birds Panel has been diligently monitoring and reporting on the populations of the UK’s rarest breeding birds. Their efforts guide conservation work, ensuring that these incredible birds continue to grace the skies of the United Kingdom.

In a world where nature’s wonders often face adversity, the resurgence of these majestic birds of prey serves as a heartwarming reminder that dedicated conservation efforts can make a difference. It’s a story of hope, resilience, and the incredible beauty of our natural world.