Billy ray cyrus and firerose wedding Abusive Marriage

The Wedding of Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose: A Journey of Love and Controversy

Firerose Opens Up About Abusive Marriage with Billy Ray Cyrus

Recently, Firerose opened up about her estranged husband Billy Ray Cyrus’ alleged abusive behavior and systematic isolation during their seven-month marriage. During an interview, she described feeling trapped and verbally abused, with friends and family banned from visiting her. Despite their engagement in August 2022 and wedding in October 2023, Firerose claimed the relationship was tumultuous.

Billy Ray Cyrus also alleged he was abused by Firerose and has denied her accusations, calling them “mind-boggling.”

Firerose’s Allegations

In an interview with Page Six, Firerose recounted how the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer allegedly kicked her out of their Tennessee home just seven months into their marriage and on the very day she was scheduled for a double mastectomy. The 36-year-old described how Billy Ray frequently yelled at her, making her feel trapped in their secluded farm near Nashville.

“Billy had very strict rules,” Firerose shared. “I didn’t have a car. I was only allowed to go to the local chiropractor and allowed once a month to get my nails done … it was systematic isolation, and I couldn’t find the courage to leave.”

She also alleged that friends and family were prohibited from visiting, adding, “If I had to send a text, I had to read it out to him for permission. It was the same for email.”

Firerose claimed that Billy Ray would often give her the silent treatment for hours, sometimes even days. “I withdrew… I was afraid to talk,” she shared, adding that the stress became overwhelming, leading to her fainting two days before their wedding last October, which resulted in a hospital visit.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s Relationship

Firerose first met Billy Ray in 2010 at a Hollywood studio while he was still married to Tish Cyrus, his second wife. At the time, the country music star was starring alongside his daughter, Miley Cyrus, on Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana.”

According to Page Six, after their first meeting, they formed a friendship, with the “Old Town Road” hitmaker calling them “soulmates” and promising a timeless love story, though they seldom kept in touch. A decade later, Billy Ray reached out to Firerose for a duet on Tanya Tucker’s “Delta Dawn,” telling her he hadn’t stopped thinking about her over the years.

She revealed he often told her he was “getting divorced,” explaining it was complicated due to his children and long marriage. As they began dating, Billy Ray reportedly instructed the Australian singer not to discuss their relationship publicly when they released their duet “A New Day” in 2021.

Firerose Details Alleged Abuse and Manipulation

During the interview, Firerose shared that when Tish filed for divorce in April 2022, she was caught off guard, having believed Billy Ray had already divorced long before. “I would never have entered into a relationship with a married man, but he was such a great manipulator,” she stated.

However, in the same year, she relocated from Los Angeles to Tennessee to live with him, and Billy Ray reportedly quickly isolated her from everyone in her life except her AA sponsor, whom she insisted on maintaining contact with. The “New Day” singer also accused Billy Ray of becoming verbally abusive. “He would rage at me, shout at me at the top of his lungs. He would terrify me, yelling, ‘You stupid dumb f-cking b-tch, crazy wh-re,'” she recounted. “It was illogical and insane and terrifying.”

“There is no relationship that Billy has that is not affected by his narcissism,” said Firerose. She described Billy Ray as having a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality: “He kept saying ‘dumb f-cking b-tch,’ then ‘You’re the love of my life, I can’t wait to marry you.'”

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose Accuse Each Other of Abuse Amid Contentious Divorce

Billy Ray, for his part, has alleged that he was “physically, verbally, and emotionally abused” by Firerose. Scott Adkins, Billy Ray’s manager, supported these claims in an affidavit, stating he had witnessed the abuse. The “Trail of Tears” singer also denied his estranged wife’s accusations of abuse, calling them “mind-boggling” and asserting that she isolated him from his family.

Firerose described the legal battle as “excruciatingly painful,” accusing Billy Ray of launching a smear campaign against her. “This is a smear campaign by the person I was deeply in love with for four years and in a relationship with and who has decided to wage full-blown war against me,” she said.

Firerose’s Friend Backs Up Her Claims of Abuse

One of Firerose’s friends backed up her abuse claims. The friend, who works in the mental health field, told Page Six that Firerose found it easy to confide in them because they were a victim of abuse. “I’m one of the only friends who was aware of the verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse Firerose has endured by Billy, as she was completely isolated and afraid of sharing what she was going through with others,” the friend noted. They continued, “As a victim of abuse myself, she felt comfortable confiding in me of her experiences and I could tell she was becoming worn down.”

Billy Ray Cyrus’ Fiancée Firerose’s Age

Firerose, whose real name is Johanna Rose Hodges, is reported to be around 36 years old. The age difference between Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose has been a topic of discussion, as she is significantly younger than the country music icon, who turned 63 this year.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose Wedding photos

The couple tied the knot in a beautiful and intimate ceremony on October 10, 2023. Their wedding was a celebration of their love and shared passion for music. The joyous event was shared with close friends and family, with many highlights documented on social media.


Billy Ray Cyrus Hits List

Billy Ray Cyrus has an impressive list of hit songs that have topped the charts over the years. Some of his most notable tracks include:

  • “Achy Breaky Heart”: This iconic song became a massive hit in 1992 and remains one of his most recognizable tunes.
  • “Some Gave All”: A heartfelt tribute to soldiers who sacrificed their lives for freedom, this song carries emotional weight.
  • “Could’ve Been Me”: A catchy country-rock track that showcases Billy Ray’s energetic style.
  • “Ready, Set, Don’t Go”: A touching duet with his daughter Miley Cyrus, reflecting on life’s transitions.
  • “Trail of Tears”: A poignant song about Native American history and struggles.
  • “Wher’m I Gonna Live?”: A humorous take on life’s challenges and decisions.
  • “In The Heart Of A Woman”: A love song with a country flair.
  • “Words By Heart”: A soulful track that resonates with listeners.
  • Time For Letting Go”: A reflective ballad about moving forward.
  • “Storm In The Heartland”: A powerful song with emotional depth.

Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus’ Plans

Despite the contentious divorce, the newlyweds had exciting plans for the future, including more musical collaborations and potential tours. They had expressed their desire to continue creating music together and to support each other’s artistic endeavors.

When Did Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose Meet?

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose first met in 2010 at a Hollywood studio. Their friendship evolved over the years, with Billy Ray reaching out to Firerose for a musical collaboration in 2020. Their connection deepened, leading to a romantic relationship and eventual marriage.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s Age Difference

The age difference between Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose is significant, as she is around half his age. Despite the age gap, their shared interests and deep connection have made their relationship strong and resilient.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ Birthday

Billy Ray Cyrus celebrated his 63rd birthday this year. Born on August 25, 1961, he has had a prolific career in country music and continues to be a beloved figure in the industry.

Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus’ Relationship

Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus have built a strong and loving relationship based on mutual respect and a shared passion for music. Their journey from friends to life partners has been marked by creativity, love, and collaboration.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose Married

The marriage of Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose marks a new chapter in their lives. Their wedding was a testament to their love and commitment, celebrated with those closest to them.

How Old Are Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose?

Billy Ray Cyrus is 63 years old, and Firerose is around 36 years old. Despite the age difference, they have found common ground in their love for music and each other.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose Singing Together

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose have collaborated on several musical projects, blending their unique styles and voices to create captivating music. One notable song they worked on together is “A New Day,” which was released in 2021. Their chemistry both on and off stage has been evident, adding a special touch to their performances.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ Wife Firerose and “Hannah Montana”

While Firerose is not directly related to the hit Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana,” her connection to Billy Ray Cyrus, who starred in the show alongside his daughter Miley Cyrus, has drawn attention. Their relationship has brought Firerose into the spotlight, linking her indirectly to the show’s legacy.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose Music Collaborations

The musical collaborations between Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose have been well-received by fans. Their song “A New Day” showcased their harmonizing talents and mutual passion for creating music that resonates with listeners. The couple had expressed plans to continue working together, with hopes of releasing more music and potentially touring.

Firerose’s Career and Achievements

Firerose, an Australian singer-songwriter, has made a name for herself in the music industry. Before her relationship with Billy Ray Cyrus, she had been building her career, releasing singles that showcased her powerful voice and songwriting abilities. Her music often blends pop and country elements, reflecting her diverse influences and unique style.

Public Reaction to Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s Marriage

The public reaction to Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose’s marriage has been mixed. While many fans have supported the couple and celebrated their love story, others have expressed concern over the significant age difference and the allegations of abuse that have surfaced. The controversy surrounding their relationship has kept them in the public eye, with media and fans closely following their journey.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ Response to Allegations

Billy Ray Cyrus has vehemently denied the allegations of abuse made by Firerose. In various statements, he has described the accusations as false and hurtful, asserting that he was the one who suffered abuse in the relationship. The conflicting narratives have added complexity to their divorce proceedings and public perception.

Firerose’s Future Plans

Following the separation, Firerose has focused on her career and personal well-being. She has expressed a desire to continue making music and connecting with her fans through her art. The ordeal has also highlighted her resilience and determination to move forward despite the challenges she has faced.

Legal Proceedings and Divorce

The legal battle between Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose has been intense, with both sides making serious allegations against each other. The divorce proceedings are ongoing, and the outcome will likely have a significant impact on their personal and professional lives. Both have legal teams working to resolve the issues, but the public nature of their dispute has made it a challenging process.

Billy Ray Cyrus Firerose Interview

In various interviews, Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose have shared insights into their relationship, their musical collaborations, and their future plans. Their candidness has endeared them to fans and highlighted the depth of their connection.

Billy Ray Cyrus Engaged Firerose

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose got engaged in August 2022, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. Their engagement was a celebration of their love and shared future.

Billy Ray Cyrus Firerose Alter

Firerose’s influence on Billy Ray Cyrus has been notable, with fans observing a new depth in his music and public persona. Their relationship has brought out new facets of their personalities, enriching their artistic expressions.


The marriage of Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose has been a whirlwind of love, music, and controversy. Their journey together, marked by high-profile collaborations and personal struggles, continues to captivate the public. As they navigate their divorce and the allegations of abuse, their story serves as a reminder of the complexities of relationships and the impact of fame on personal lives.

Despite the challenges, both Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose have shown resilience and a commitment to their respective careers. Fans and followers will undoubtedly continue to watch their paths unfold, eager to see what the future holds for these two talented individuals.