Brad Pitt’s Tough Time with Shiloh


Brad Pitt’s Tough Time with Shiloh

In recent news from RadarOnline, they say Brad Pitt has had a hard time spending alone time with his daughter Shiloh for 329 days.

shiloh - the eldest biological daughter of brad pitt and angelina jolie

Shiloh’s Wish to Be with Dad

After Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split up, an inside source says Shiloh, their daughter, had to ask to be with her dad. Shiloh, who is 11, hasn’t hung out alone with Brad for almost a year.

little girl shiloh jolie-pitt with her parents before the family broke up

How It’s Affecting Shiloh

Shiloh, the oldest of Brad and Angelina’s kids, seems to be feeling the separation the most. The happy kid isn’t as cheerful now. Shiloh often calls her dad late at night, missing the connection they used to have.

Mom’s Rules on Seeing Dad

Even though Shiloh wants to spend time with her dad, Angelina Jolie has strict rules. Brad can only visit with someone watching, as ordered by the court. This means Shiloh can’t have the special father-daughter time she wants.

Missing Normal Life

Shiloh, who takes after her dad in personality, finds the separation really tough. She remembers when Brad used to be on family trips and wonders why he’s not there anymore. This is hard for her to understand and adds to her sadness.

Mom’s Decision and Dad’s Changes

Angelina is sticking to the court rules about supervision during Brad’s visits. The last time they were seen together was in July 2016, just before the divorce. Despite the challenges, there are hints that Brad and Angelina’s relationship is getting better.

A Bit of Hope

Although Brad and Angelina haven’t officially talked about the rumors, there are signs that they might be getting along better. In an interview, Angelina says they care about each other and want a good life for their six kids. Reports from E! News suggest Brad being sober for six months has made Angelina reconsider.

The Ongoing Divorce Journey

Rumors say the divorce might not be happening, but it’s still in progress. Brad trying to fix things has brought some understanding, but the journey is far from over. The future of their relationship is still uncertain.