Holly Sonders’ Fun Workout Before Thanksgiving!

Working Out in Cool bikini

Holly Sonders, the golf pro, had a cool workout on Instagram. She wore bikini did fun exercises, and even mentioned her boxer boyfriend, Oscar De La Hoya.


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Mixing Fun and Business

While sweating it out, Holly also talked about her new thing, Xposed Sports. Fans loved it – the video got over 1,900 likes!

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Feast!

Holly’s Abs Workout

Before the big Thanksgiving meal, Holly did exercises for her tummy and legs. She wore stretchy undies in a cool color, showing off her strong legs and awesome abs.


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Sporting Cool Gear with a Message

Wearing a tight sports bra and undies with a cool message, Holly kept it sporty. She reminded us about her new venture, Xposed Sports, making us excited for more!

Thanksgiving Treats and Holly’s Snack Trick!

 Holly’s Thanksgiving Plans

Holly said she’ll enjoy Thanksgiving, but first, she worked out. Fans wished her a happy Thanksgiving in the comments.

Holly’s Secret Ice Cream Love!

Holly shared a trick to handle ice cream cravings – she loves a brand called Halo. Even on a diet, she enjoys Halo Top Creamery’s peanut butter cup flavor every day!

 Holly’s Stunning Beach Look!

 Holly’s Beautiful Beach Photos

Holly loves sharing pics in swimsuits on social media. One time, she wore a bright pink swimsuit at the beach, and everyone loved it! She knows how to look awesome and have fun!