Jordan Poole’s Big News and Moving Forward


Hey folks! Big news in the basketball world—Jordan Poole just scored a mega 4-year contract worth over 123 million bucks (can go up to 140 million with bonuses). But wait, there’s more! There was a bit of drama when he got a punch from Draymond Green during practice last week. Ouch!

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Keeping It Professional

Guess what? Jordan Poole is taking the high road. In his first chat with the media, he said he wants to keep things professional with Draymond Green. They had a bit of a fight, but Poole accepted Green’s apology and wants to focus on basketball, not the scuffle.

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Game On – Defending the Championship

Jordan Poole is all about the game. He said, “We’re here to defend the championship and conquer the NBA.” Translation: He’s ready to rock on the court and win more games.

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Saying Sorry and Moving On

Draymond Green said sorry, not just to Poole but to the whole team. The team didn’t kick him out; instead, they gave him a fine. They even let him play in the first real game on October 19. So, it seems like they’re putting the drama behind them.

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Back in Action

Good news for fans! Last Saturday, both Poole and Green played in the Warriors’ final practice game before the real deal starts. Green got some points, assists, and rebounds. Poole did his thing too. It looks like they’re back in the game!

The Real Reason No Suspension? Rings!

Why didn’t they suspend Draymond Green? Well, it turns out the team didn’t want to spoil the day when they got their championship rings. Makes sense, right? No one wants to miss a party!

 Poole’s Happy Dance for the Contract

Jordan Poole is on cloud nine about his contract extension. He’s happy because he gets to keep playing for the Golden State Warriors, doing what he loves, and taking care of his family with the extra cash.

 All Smiles for the Future

Despite the hiccup, Jordan Poole is ready to give his best for the team. He’s not thinking too much about the future yet. For now, it’s all about bringing their A-game for the next season.

Closing: Basketball Drama Aside, Warriors Ready to Shine

So, drama aside, it looks like the Warriors are ready to shine on the court. Poole is smiling about his contract, Green said sorry, and everyone is looking forward to more basketball magic. Let the games begin! 🌟🏀