Mariah Carey’s Amazing New Look on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Get ready to be wowed by Mariah Carey’s incredible transformation! The legendary singer made a memorable entrance at the El Capitan Theatre for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. We’re here to spill the beans on Mariah’s fantastic new look and fill you in on her latest adventures, including her role in Victoria’s Secret’s holiday campaign.

Mariah’s Astonishing Makeover

Mariah Carey, who’s 54 years old, never ceases to amaze with her style and charm. Her recent appearance at the El Capitan Theatre had everyone talking. Mariah looked stunning in a black dress with shiny gold details that showed off her fantastic legs. She completed the outfit with high gold heels and a cool black jacket with gold buttons. Plus, her accessories, like shiny bracelets and a gold chain necklace, added that extra touch of glam.

Victoria’s Secret’s Exciting Campaign

Adding to her list of accomplishments, Mariah Carey is now the face of Victoria’s Secret’s 2023 holiday campaign. The campaign features Mariah in some gorgeous photos, showing off Victoria’s Secret’s latest designs and her own stunning figure. We’ll also take a look at a fun video where Mariah talks about the start of “Mariah season.”

Legal Drama Unfolding

But in the midst of all the glitz and glam, Mariah is facing a legal challenge related to her classic 1994 hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” A musician named Andy Stone, also known as Vince Vance, claims that Mariah’s song is too similar to his 1989 track with the same name. This legal battle has been going on for a while, with both sides making claims and counterclaims, making Mariah’s journey in the spotlight even more interesting.


In a nutshell, Mariah Carey’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and her role in the Victoria’s Secret campaign show that she’s still a style icon. Her incredible fashion choices continue to impress, and the legal drama adds a surprising twist to her story. Stay updated on Mariah Carey’s fascinating journey in the world of music and glamour!