Say Hello to Friendly Checkouts and Easy Payments in Booth super market

Booths Supermarket: Talking to People Again

Guess what? The Booths supermarket is changing things up! They’re saying goodbye to those self-checkout machines and bringing back real people to the tills. Now, you can chat with the friendly staff while you check out your groceries. It’s like the good old days!

Amazon Fresh Keeps It Simple: Use Your Card!

Amazon Fresh, the tech-savvy store, is making things easier too. No more QR codes! You can just walk into the shop, grab what you need, and pay with your card. It’s like magic. Amazon is listening to what people want and making shopping more like we’re used to.

Oops, Some Tech Stuff Didn’t Work Out

Asda’s Electronic Labels: Not a Hit

Asda tried something cool with electronic labels on the shelves, but it didn’t work out so well. They had some bugs, and people found them hard to read. So, Asda decided to stop using them and go back to the old way of doing things.

Shopping Without Apps: What Happened to Bother Delivery?

There was a delivery service called Bother, but it didn’t last long. They focused on delivering stuff that doesn’t need to be in the fridge, but they had to stop because of some problems. People who ordered stuff from them had to find another way to get their groceries.

Sainsbury’s Goes Green: Good for the Planet!

Sainsbury’s New Store in Hampshire: Super Eco-Friendly

Sainsbury’s opened a special store in Hampshire, and it’s all about being good to the planet. They have doors on the fridges, solar panels on the roof, and lights that know when to turn off. It’s like a superhero store for the Earth!

Shopping and Saving the Planet: Sainsbury’s Cool Idea

Sainsbury’s is trying to make shopping not just easy but also good for the Earth. They’re using less energy and doing things that help the environment. It’s like they’re superheroes for the planet!

Conclusion: “Shopping, Talking, and Saving the Earth – That’s the New Plan!”

So, shopping is getting simpler, talking to people at the store is back, and some cool tech ideas are taking a break. It’s like the supermarkets are trying to find the best way to make us happy while being kind to the Earth. Cool, right?