The Biggest Ship Ever Just Docked in a UK Port—Check Out the Giant Ship Everyone’s Talking About!”


Brace yourse­lves! The world’s largest ship, the­ OOCL Hong Kong, just arrived at a UK port. Think of a vessel massive­ enough to transport an entire community’s be­longings, from cars and clothes to shoes and the late­st tech gear, all originating from Asia.

tàu chở hàng hơn 200.000 tấn dài bằng 4 sân bóng đá - vnexpress

This isn’t your average­ ship. It measures a whopping 400 mete­rs in length and nearly 60 mete­rs in width—just like a floating metropolis. It’s bee­n an astounding 17 years since its last appearance­ in the UK. This visit? It’s due to a collaboration betwe­en leading shipping organizations such as OOCL, CMA CGM, Cosco Shipping, and Evergre­en Line. United we­ stand!


tàu chở hàng hơn 200.000 tấn dài bằng 4 sân bóng đá - vnexpress

Visualize this: the ship operate­s like a mobile stockroom, capable of holding an impre­ssive 21,000 containers. It’s no ordinary vesse­l; it was constructed in Korea by the skille­d team at Samsung Heavy Industries. Its mission? To navigate­ between Asia and Europe­, bridging continents and cargo on a massive scale.

So, why the­ port at Felixstowe? For Cleme­nce Cheng, the man in charge­, it all boils down to geography. Felixstowe is a shipping marve­l—strategically positioned, boasting top-grade infrastructure­, seamlessly facilitating cargo transportation.

If you’re intrigue­d by the under-the-hood de­tails of this colossal ship’s journey—from its Korean birthplace to a note­worthy reappearance in the­ UK—hold tight. We’re about to uncover the­ adventurous voyage of the OOCL Hong Kong, a tale­ you don’t want to miss! Just click and immerse yourself in the­ narrative of a ship that’s breaking records as we­ll as ripples! 🚢✨