Time-Travel Beauty Secrets: Meet the 16th Century Contouring Pro


Ever wondered about the OG contouring guru? Well, buckle up because we’ve just unveiled a beauty bombshell from the 16th century! Turns out, the contouring magic we associate with Kim K might’ve been kickstarted by none other than Hans Holbein, a painter from the time of Henry VIII.

The Face-Transformation Surprise

Picture this: X-rays and cool-sounding infra-red scans have spilled the beans on Holbein’s contouring skills. He gave a German dude named Derich Born a makeover, turning his ‘chubby’ look into a sharp and chiseled masterpiece. Talk about a Renaissance glow-up!

Did Derich Ask for It or Nah?

Here’s the twist – we don’t know if Derich was like, “Hey, Holbein, can you make me look Instagram-ready?” or if Holbein just decided to flex his artistic muscles. No receipts or documentation to spill the tea. It’s a real historical mystery!

Holbein: The OG Beauty Influencer

Fast forward to the royal court of Henry VIII. Holbein wasn’t just any artist; he was the King’s Painter. His brushstrokes even influenced royal love stories, like when he painted a glam pic of German princess Anne of Cleves, making Henry VIII want her as his fourth wife. Sadly, real-life didn’t quite match the portrait.

A Tudor Beauty Adventure at The Queen’s Gallery

Want to see Holbein’s handiwork up close? There’s an exhibit at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, showcasing over 50 of his pieces. Nicola Christie, the art detective, used high-tech imaging to reveal the nitty-gritty details of Derich Born’s glow-up.

From Everyday Folks to Court Superstars

Holbein didn’t just contour Derich Born; he sketched and painted the who’s who of Henry’s court, from the fancy to the everyday folks. The exhibit spills secrets about Sir Thomas More, Anne Boleyn, and even a sketch of Mary I rocking a fashionable English hood.

Holbein’s Thumbprint Drama

Hold onto your corsets – removing old varnish uncovered a sneaky thumbprint on Derich’s portrait. Experts think it’s Holbein’s. Apparently, the paint took longer to dry than expected. It’s like a 16th-century oopsie-daisy moment!

Time-Traveling with Holbein

Curator Kate Heard spills the beans on Holbein’s magic. Even though these drawings can’t be on display 24/7, the exhibit at The Queen’s Gallery is a one-of-a-kind chance to time-travel and witness a true artistic legend in action.

Beauty Through the Ages

In a world where Kim K’s contouring tutorials rule, it’s wild to think that Holbein might’ve been the OG contour king. Whether it’s brushes today or brushes back then, beauty has always had its artists. Ready to get a glimpse of the original contouring maestro? Dive into history and discover the timeless art of looking fabulous! 🎨✨