Chris Rock’s Brother Challenges Will Smith to a Boxing Match: A Brave Move After Oscars Drama

Remember that shocking Oscars moment when Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock? Well, it just got even more intense. Kenny Rock, Chris’s younger brother, has made a bold move by challenging Will Smith to a boxing match. He’s taken it so seriously that he even drew up a contract for the potential showdown.


the latest: chris rock’s younger brother kenny rock, 42, has challenged will smith, 53, to a boxing match in the wake of smith's attack on the comic, 57, at the academy awards

Kenny, who’s 42 years old, stood alongside Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman in New York City to make this surprising offer. According to the open contract, they’re planning to have the match on June 11 at the Charles F. Dodge City Center in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Kenny’s confidence is quite something; he even said, “I should get in the ring with Will Smith. I could take him down… I’ll let my fists do the talking.”

smith was seen at the march 27 show accepting his best actor oscar for king richard

While Kenny has been in touch with his big brother Chris, he’s not entirely sure about the 10-year ban that the Academy Awards gave to Smith. Kenny wonders if they might change their minds after three years.

kenny appeared alongside celebrity boxing promoter damon feldman in new york city on tuesday, telling tmz he has reached a contract for a potential match, should smith decide to accept his offer

The Rock family has taken the Oscars incident to heart. Tony Rock, Chris’s other brother, talked about how it bothers him to watch the incident over and over. He explained how it feels to see a loved one being attacked, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

kenny told the outlet that he has been 'texting and talking' with chris who is 'doing great' weeks after the incident

DJ Jazzy Jeff, Smith’s friend and musical partner, defended Smith by saying that the slap was a “lapse in judgment” and that we all make mistakes. He emphasized that celebrities are human too, and we shouldn’t forget that.

chris rock has stayed relatively mum about the incident involving smith at the oscars, briefly addressing it at a few comedy shows in the two weeks since the shocking occurrence

smith's former musical collaborator dj jazzy jeff, 57, came to his defense while appearing thursday at chicago's dorian's through the record shop for a closed sessions legend conversation. he was snapped in la in february

the musical artist, who was half of the grammy-winning tandem dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince, was seen with smith in february

So, as we recall that Oscars moment when Chris Rock joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head and Will Smith lost his cool, it seems like the drama continues. Chris Rock has briefly mentioned the incident in his recent comedy shows. At one show in California, he said he’s “still processing what happened” and, with a bit of humor, added that he won’t discuss it “until I get paid.”