Meet Xi’an’s 1,400-Year-Old Ginkgo Tree: A Timeless Natural Wonder


In the lovely season when leaves turn a stunning shade of yellow, there’s a magical sight near the Quan Am temple in Xi’an, China. It’s where a 1,400-year-old ginkgo tree stands, right next to the Guanyin Pagoda, and it’s capturing the hearts of people from around the world with its breathtaking autumn transformation.

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This ancient ginkgo tree has a rich history dating back to the Tang Dynasty, which was around 618 to 907 AD. As autumn arrives, it adorns its leaves with brilliant shades of yellow, creating a mesmerizing contrast with the landscape. It stands tall and proud amidst the surrounding mountains and hills.

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The enchantment begins in mid-November when the ginkgo tree’s leaves start to turn a beautiful golden color, forming a stunning carpet on the ground. People come from far and wide to witness this awe-inspiring display of nature.

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As winter sets in, the ginkgo tree gracefully sheds all its leaves, leaving a simple yet extraordinary silhouette against the temple. This tree, often called a “living fossil,” has endured for about 200 million years, standing strong through all kinds of weather. It’s a symbol of strength and the enduring spirit of nature.

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What’s even more heartwarming is that this remarkable ginkgo tree hails from China, not just as its physical location but as its very home. It’s a testament to nature’s indomitable spirit and its ability to inspire and touch the hearts of all who have the privilege of witnessing its timeless beauty.