Grace Charis Turns 21: Birthday Fun on Instagram!

Grace’s Golfing Journey: From Fun Swings to Turning 21

Grace Charis, the cool golfer we know from OnlyFans, had a special birthday. She turned 21 on November 21, and she shared it all on Instagram!

Birthday Pics: Grace and Balloons

Grace posted pictures on Instagram with big gold balloons saying “21. She wore her white visor and a pink tank top, showing everyone it was her special day.


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Swinging in Style: Grace’s Braless Golf Moves

Before her birthday, Grace showed off her golf skills again. This time, she wore a thin blue top while swinging her golf club. Fans loved it and had fun in the comments.


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Golfing with Grace: A Special Offer

Grace has a special offer on her website for fans who want to golf with her. It costs $100,000, and you can play 18 holes with Grace at a golf course of your choice. But remember, it’s just for golf, nothing else!

Fans Love Grace: What’s Next?

Even though golfing with Grace costs a lot, fans still love her videos. They’re excited to see what she’ll do next, both on the golf course and on Instagram!


Grace Charis: Golfing Fun and Turning 21!

Grace Charis had a great 21st birthday, sharing it with fans on Instagram. Her golfing videos are a big hit, and fans are curious about what she’ll do next. Golf on, Grace!