Making Online Meetings Easier: Google Meet’s New Hand-Raise Trick


Say Hi with Your Hand, Not a Button

Now, in Google Meet, you can do something pretty cool: raise your actual hand during a video call. No need to hunt for buttons – just wave and let others know you’ve got something to say!

 Waving Without Confusion

Google Meet is super smart. It can tell when you’re raising your hand and not just doing random moves. Plus, it knows not to get confused when you’re talking. So, it’s like telling your pals you have a question without saying a word.

 Get Noticed, Get Heard

When you raise your hand, a little icon shows up for everyone to see, and you get moved to the main screen. It’s like being in the spotlight, but in a friendly way. And hey, if you change your mind, you get a quick second to chicken out – no pressure!

Easy Peasy Setup
Wanna try it? Just go to More Options > Reactions > Hand Raise Gesture, and switch it on. It’s turned off by default, so you’re in control. No complicated steps, promise!
Check These Boxes First
For this magic to work, make sure your camera’s on, and your hand is visible, away from your face. Also, you need a fancy Google Workspace subscription. But don’t worry, Google has different flavors for everyone.
Google Meet just made online chats feel a bit more like real-life conversations. Raising your hand is as easy as a wave, making virtual meetings a breeze. Try it out and enjoy the simplicity!