President Biden Praises Chiefs’ Unity During White House Celebration


Travis Kelace’s Cheeky Moment at the White House

The Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in Super Bowl LVII was a momentous occasion, not only for the team but also for their fans. As part of the traditional celebration, the team visited the White House and met with President Biden. While the event was filled with joy and excitement, tight end Travis Kelace stole the show with his playful antics.

A Traditional Visit Turns Playful

During the visit, the Chiefs took a tour of the historic building and met with President Biden in the Oval Office. Afterward, they gathered outside the White House for a photo op with the President and the team’s star players, including Kelace and quarterback Patrick Mahomes. It was then that Kelace saw an opportunity to have some fun.

As Biden stood at the podium, Kelace pointed off into the distance, drawing the President’s attention away from the group. With the microphone still live, Kelace quickly made his way over to the podium and began to speak. His teammate, Mahomes, however, was quick to intercept and prevented Kelace from saying something potentially embarrassing.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Mahomes exclaimed, waving his hands in apology.