Robert Irwin’s Hilarious Ken Impersonation – Fans Can’t Get Enough


In a heartwarming and humorous video, the 19-year-old wildlife enthusiast, Robert Irwin, gave his fans a delightful surprise by channeling Ken from Barbie, and they couldn’t get enough of it. His incredible resemblance to the heartthrob actor Ryan Gosling, known for his portrayal of Ken, had everyone talking. Let’s take a closer look at this fun-filled moment.

Robert’s Perfect Ken Impression

Robert Irwin’s video was a playful tribute to Ken from the iconic Barbie movie. Dressed in a denim vest and jeans, he was a dead ringer for Ken’s character. What added to the charm was his cheeky decision to leave the vest unbuttoned, revealing a shirtless surprise. To complete the transformation, his blond hair was styled to match Ryan Gosling’s signature bleached locks. And to top it all off, he performed a heartfelt rendition of the Barbie hit song, “I’m Just Ken,” that had his fans absolutely smitten.

Fans in Awe of Robert’s Ken Impersonation

Robert’s witty caption, “I am Kenough. #Halloween2023,” perfectly captured the playful spirit of the video. Fans couldn’t help but shower him with love and admiration. One fan even confessed, “I’m literally crying because I will never have him.” Another fan marveled, “I have never seen someone who embodies Kenergy as much as Robert,” and a third chimed in with, “You’re more than Kenough. Give me a chance, I’m begging.”

Fun Couple’s Costume with Girlfriend Rorie Buckey

But the fun didn’t stop there. Robert recently shared a charming couple’s costume photo with his girlfriend, Rorie Buckey. They dressed up as Ken and Barbie from a popular movie featuring Margot Robbie. In the photo, Robert embraced Ken’s style with the denim vest and jeans, while Rorie perfectly captured Barbie’s look with a pink jumpsuit and a white cowboy hat. Their playful caption, “Can you feel the Kenergy?” radiated their infectious energy

Exciting Hosting News for Robert Irwin

In addition to entertaining his fans, Robert had another piece of exciting news to share. He’s been announced as Dr. Chris Brown’s co-host replacement on Channel Ten’s “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here,” alongside Julia Morris. Not only is he charming his way into the hearts of viewers, but he’s also set to earn an impressive sum, nearly half a million dollars, for his upcoming adventure in the wilds of South Africa.

Robert Irwin’s boundless enthusiasm and sense of humor continue to win the hearts of fans around the world. He’s not just a wildlife hero; he’s also making his mark in the entertainment world with his engaging personality. Fans are eagerly looking forward to his next move, and his Ken impersonation is just one example of his delightful surprises.