The Surprising Truth About Non-Alcoholic Beer and Your Health


Are you thinking about trying non-alcoholic beer for a healthier lifestyle? You might want to hear about a recent discovery that could affect your choice. A study from Cornell University has found something unexpected about non-alcoholic beer that might put your health at risk.

the buzz-free beer fared worse than both traditional beer and low-alcohol beer (defined as less than 2.5 percent alcohol by volume, or abv), the researchers theorize due to alcohol's disinfecting properties

Non-Alcoholic Beer’s Popularity

In recent times, non-alcoholic beer has become really popular, especially among health-conscious young folks and those looking for alcohol-free options. NielsenIQ’s data shows that non-alcoholic beer sales in the U.S. have gone up by a whopping 32%, surpassing regular alcoholic beverages’ growth.

sales of non-alcoholic beer in the us have shot up by 32 percent, radically outstripping the growth of real booze, according to new data from the surveyors at nielseniq

What the Study Revealed

The Cornell University study looked into how safe non-alcoholic beer is to drink and discovered something surprising. It turns out non-alcoholic beer can be a perfect place for harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella to grow.

Comparing Non-Alcoholic Beer to Others

The study found that non-alcoholic beer is worse when it comes to this bacteria stuff compared to regular beer and low-alcohol beer (which has less than 2.5% alcohol). They think it’s because alcohol in regular and low-alcohol beer helps stop these nasty bacteria from growing.

The Key Findings

Researchers checked out three kinds of harmful bacteria over two months in both non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers. They also looked at what happens when non-alcoholic beer is kept cold or at room temperature. Keeping it cold is better, but it’s still not enough to stop bacteria from growing.

How to Make Non-Alcoholic Beer Safer

To make non-alcoholic beer safer, the smart folks behind the study suggest a few things. If the non-alcoholic beer has a pH level higher than 4.20, they say it should be pasteurized to kill off any bacteria. They also recommend using sterile filtration and adding preservatives as extra steps to make it safer.


Non-alcoholic beer is a great option if you’re looking for something healthier or alcohol-free. But this study reminds us that we should be aware of possible health risks due to bacteria. So whether you go for regular beer or non-alcoholic beer, keep an eye out for more advice from experts in the future to make the safest choice for your health.