The Beatles’ Magical Comeback: How Tech Wiz Peter Jackson Rescued ‘Now and Then’ – A Heartwarming Tale of Lost Songs and Lasting Friendship!”


Hey there, Beatles fans! Ever wondered how a lost gem from the Fab Four’s treasure trove came back to life? Let’s take a cozy journey into the heartwarming story of ‘Now and Then’ – the last Beatles song that almost slipped away. Join us as we unfold the magic behind Peter Jackson’s tech wizardry and explore the camaraderie that brought this musical masterpiece back into our lives.

Back in Time: John’s Home Recording Adventure: Picture this – it’s the late ’70s, and John Lennon is strumming away in his New York home, recording a song called ‘Now and Then.’ Little did he know, this humble demo would become a part of Beatles history.

paul mccartney, george harrison and ringo starr work on a john lennon demo during the mid 1990s

A Sweet Gift from Yoko: Reconnecting the Beatle

s: Fast forward 14 years after John’s passing, and Yoko Ono, his widow, gifts a precious tape of ‘Now and Then’ to none other than Paul McCartney. This unexpected gesture sets the stage for the Beatles to reunite, at least in spirit.

Tech Magic Unleashed: How MAL Saved the Day:

Meet Peter Jackson, the tech wizard behind the scenes. His Machine Audio Learning (MAL) technology worked like magic, rescuing ‘Now and Then’ from strange electronic noises and making John’s voice as clear as a bell.

Beatles Reunion: Crafting the Finishing Touches:

Hold on to your seats! Paul, Ringo, and George Harrison, the surviving Beatles, join forces to complete ‘Now and Then.’ It wasn’t all smooth sailing, with challenges cropping up during the two-day recording spree.

The Blue Album’s New Star: ‘Now and Then’ Takes the Spotlight:

Guess where ‘Now and Then’ finds its cozy spot? It’s the star of The Blue Album’s reissue, captivating fans with its newfound clarity and touching backstory. Excitement is building for potential enhanced versions of other Beatles classics.

now and then features on the reissue of legendary beatles compilation the blue album, which, along with the red album, was released on friday

What’s Next? Peter Jackson’s Beatles Treasures Hunt:

As we celebrate the return of ‘Now and Then,’ imagine what could come next! Peter Jackson hints at more hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Could there be more surprises from the Beatles’ golden vault?

Get ready for a musical adventure filled with warmth, friendship, and the timeless magic of the Beatles. ‘Now and Then’ is not just a song; it’s a heartwarming tale of rediscovery that will make you fall in love with the Fab Four all over again. 🎶💖