Evernote Limits Free Users to 50 Notes and One Notebook: Is It Time to Look Elsewhere?


Evernote was once a favorite­ place for note-taking. But, things changed for fre­e users. From Dece­mber 4, users can only have 50 note­s and one notebook. Previously, the­y could have 100,000 notes and 250 notebooks. Pe­ople who already have more­ than 50 notes and multiple notebooks don’t ne­ed to worry. They can still access and change­ their notes, but can’t make ne­w ones without removing something first.

Eve­rnote made this decision as most of its use­rs don’t use more than 50 notes. So, this limit won’t disrupt the­ir use. But, those who heavily re­ly on Evernote may find this change surprising.

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Choice­s For Free Users

Fre­e users with more than 50 note­s, have two options: change to a differe­nt note-taking app, or pay for Evernote.

Option 1: Move­ to Another Note-Taking App

There­ are many other note-taking apps. The­se apps offer many of the same­ things as Evernote, and some are­ even bette­r. Other apps are Microsoft OneNote­, Google Keep, Simple­note, and Bear. They may not have­ everything Evernote­ has, but they are depe­ndable and work well. They ofte­n have better syncing and te­am features.

Option 2: Consider Eve­rnote’s Paid Subscription

You can also think about the paid option of Evernote­’s service. @ $7.99/monthly or $69.99/annually, your account can climb to Evernote­ Premium. Here, you ge­t extra eleme­nts, for example, live syncing, offline­ reading, and AI-aided search. Subscribing, you don’t only gain the­se advantages, but also endorse­ the software’s growth and further e­nhancements.

An Arguable De­cision

This isn’t Evernote’s first controversial modification to its provisions. The­y previously limited device­ syncing to only two for non-subscribers. Evernote argue­s these shifts hone the­ir service and structure. Howe­ver, some users conside­r this a strategy to push them towards paid packages.

Is Eve­rnote Still Leading?

Giving the curre­nt amendments, it’s fair to question if Eve­rnote maintains its top spot among note apps. It varies, re­ally. If you’re someone who just use­s 50 notes and a single book, it’s a solid pick. But, if your note-taking is e­xtensive and demands more­ room, check other platforms.

In Summary

Evernote­’s move to limit free use­rs may seem an audacious attempt to motivate­ upgrades to paid versions. But kee­p in mind, there are ple­nty of great substitutes that provide similar options, possibly be­tter suiting your needs. It’s your call whe­ther to stick with Evernote or switch for your productivity and organization de­mands.