Saraya’s Story: Ups and Downs in the Spotlight

Saraya’s Big Moments and Tough Times

Saraya, also known as Paige, had some amazing moments as the youngest WWE Divas Champion. But things got tough when a private video of hers got out online.

Dad’s Super Support

Even when some people said mean things, Saraya’s dad was there for her. She was scared of what he’d think about the leaked video, but he surprised her with his response.

Dad’s Wise Words: “It’s Okay”

When Saraya said sorry to her dad, he just said, “I don’t care. Look at Kim Kardashian. Everyone has done what you have done. You are just in the spotlight.” He reminded her that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s okay.

WWE provided great help to Saraya during her tough time

saraya as paige in wwe (image credits- wwe)

WWE’s Helping Hand

When things were really tough for Saraya, WWE (where she used to wrestle) helped her a lot. They got her a therapist, someone to talk to when she was feeling down. She’s thankful for that.

New Start with AEW

Now, Saraya is trying something new with AEW. She says it’s great because it gives her more freedom. She doesn’t want to waste any day doing nothing, and AEW feels like the right choice.

Conclusion: Saraya Keeps Going

Saraya’s had good and bad times, but she keeps going. From WWE triumphs to personal struggles, she’s moving forward. AEW is her new adventure, and she’s excited about what’s coming next.